How Ninja Became Toxic... Again

by Brandon Mistele, Alina Sotula, Daniel Rosen, Connor Dunn 3 months ago

Ninja was once the face of streaming, esports, and gaming.

Back in his Fortnite glory days, he tried his hardest to be squeaky-clean and family-friendly on Twitch.

But things have changed in the last little while - Mixer went under, and Ninja’s streamer persona took a drastic turn.

He now has access to an insane amount of fans, funds, and for the first time in years, freedom to act exactly the way he wants.

Ninja reverted into the basement-dwelling lizard gamer we all are at heart - and the crazy thing is that it’s actually working for him.

From League of Legends to Valorant, Ninja is playing everything now, and being toxic the whole time.

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