How Valorant's Biggest Sh*tdisturbed Teabagged His Way to a World Title

by Dimitri Pascaluta, Niall McCrossan, Miles Hackett 3 months ago

Sportsmanship has always been an important part of competition. But, sometimes, being all nice and respectful just gets kinda boring. Sometimes you quite literally dunk on your opponent and, at that point, you don’t owe them sh*t.

The thing is, having an ego isn’t exclusive to traditional sports. In fact, we’ve seen our fair share of it in esports. Across the whole of esports, one form of BM has stood the test of time: teabagging. Regardless of what games you’ve played over the years, chances are you’ve been a victim of the old tactical crouch at one point or another.

And in Valorant’s brief history, no player has pissed off more rival teams’ fans with their disrespectful antics than Michael “dapr” Gulino, Sentinels’ White Claw-crushing, Cypher main.

A talented troll who, after cutting his teeth in CS:GO, has spent the past year helping his roster take over Riot's sparkly new shooter. What's more, he’s done so while adding a little bit of spice to the game.

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