Homeless to Pro: He One Tapped Shroud and It Changed His Life

by Shihab Mian, Dimitri Pascaluta, Alina Sotula, Daniel Rosen, Connor Dunn May 14

Picture this: you’re Shroud and you load into an Apex Legends server. You cruise your way into the final three, are gearing up to take that easy dub, and then, out of nowhere, you get one-tapped by someone you've never heard of.

Your first thought would have to be: "this kid’s a cheater . . . right"?

But, as Shroud quickly learned, on that day, he’d stepped into the crosshairs of Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller.

Today, the twenty-one-year-old tornado is one of Apex’s biggest names. But to get there, he played everything from CS:GO to Overwatch while overcoming literal homelessness.

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