How a Cracked Controller God Became Dr. Disrespect's Secret Weapon

by Shihab Mian, Dimitri Pascaluta, Miles Hackett, Jason Durante, Josh Bury 5 months ago

Whether we’re talking about the earliest days of or Twitch’s current, continuing surge in popularity, online streaming has always been about entertainment. The success stories we see today aren’t just following the trails of early adopters, or esports retirees: they’re people intentionally trying to reach the top. And some of them are using their knowledge of entertainment to do it.

Today, we're talking about Zack Lane, better known as “ZLaner”. He’s one of the biggest names in Call Of Duty: Warzone and, if you’re into his stream, it’s pretty easy to see why. The thing is, ZLaner didn’t stumble his way into the spotlight. His rise was the product of craft, diligence and an endless supply of charisma. Traits that made him just what the doctor ordered.

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