He Went Through Hell to Conquer Valorant

by Brendan Fahey, Sebastien Martin-Schultz, Niall McCrossan, Alina Sotula, Daniel Rosen 5 months ago

Over the past year, ShahZaM transformed Sentinels into the best Valorant team in NA.

But just a few years ago, he was a struggling CS:GO player who had an important decision to make.

He could stick with CS, continue playing for middling teams, with middling results, and be the first to get kicked when things went wrong - or he could throw it all away to gamble his reputation on Valorant.

ShahZaM went through it all. He was kicked, benched, went through terrible personal tragedy, and plenty of other setbacks. But no matter what, he kept fighting. He never stopped, and now? He's conquered NA Valorant.

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