From Baby ScreaM to CS:GO Prodigy: Nivera's Quest to Be More Than His Brother

by Andrew Faigal, Alina Sotula, Daniel Rosen Apr 26

If you haven't heard of Nivera, you’ve probably heard of his brother - one of the most mechanically gifted players in CS:GO's history - ScreaM. B

ut ScreaM’s CS:GO career faded from glory a long time ago. The headshot machine has since departed for Valorant and flourished there.

Nivera though, was committed to CS:GO, and while brother’s reputation loomed large over him, he was ready to make a splash. He joined the likes of ZywOo on Vitality and looked amazing against top-tier competition.

But just as things were looking bright for Nivera, Valve changed the rules, and made his life a lot harder.

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