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Miles Hackett
Content Creator


Producer, editor and co-host of 'What Is'. Siege, Overwatch and Rocket League are totally my bag. Combat sports, soccer and TV/movie junkie.
Games: Overwatch
Twitter: @miles_hackett
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The Weeby Wonderkid Who Became Valorant's First 'W' Warrior
Tactical shooters have been a force in online gaming for over two decades. These games have developed a core set of values over the years, with each player filling a specific role for...
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Play to Live: How Gold Farming in a 20-Year-Old Game is Saving Lives
Runescape. The drunk uncle of the MMO family. For most people, it's a pleasant memory from their adolescence. But for some, it remains a beloved daily ritual. It might not be as popular...
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The King's Gambit: The Story of Hikaru
Hikaru Nakamura is a man of many accomplishments. He drew the chess world’s attention to the United States by winning trophy after trophy throughout his career.In 2003, he became a...
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How CS:GO's Sloth-Like Superstar Vibed His Way to a Grand Slam
It’s no secret that esports competitors can be extremely regimented in how they play. But this isn’t just about weuird, organizational quirks. It's about what they say about those who’ve...
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The Brilliant Beefcake Who Bench-Pressed the Gods of CS:GO
These days, esports’ biggest stars routinely dismantle old stereotypes about ‘gamer’ health. How? Uh, well, by getting swole. But I think it’s fair to say that all of them shrink in...
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Built Different, Built to Last: The Retired Legend Who Came Back to Run-Over CS:GO
Unlike many of his French kinsmen, Cedric 'RpK' Guipouy has long been regarded as an altogether unemotional assailant. A silent yet slippery sentinel who’s strong in any position and able...
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New Game, No Problem: The Story of Sinatraa
Becoming the best doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and countless hours to reach the top of any esport. But what happens when you become the best? What happens once you’ve...
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How a Filthy Casual Risked Everything to Save Siege's Scrubbiest Players
Some of us are born with an innate talent that manifests itself at a young age - a God-given mastery of a game that can carry you through the craziest situations.But for most of us, the...
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How Siege's Greatest Prodigy Created a Cult of Cracked Copycats
In every esport, there are those truly sick superstars whose inhuman achievements everyone not only admires but, every once in a while, seeks to imitate. And in the world of Rainbow Six:...
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The Controversial Grind That Turned a Panda into WoW's Most Famous Pacifist
Sponsored By GEICO - Leveling up as a pacifist in World of Warcraft may not be easy, but you know what is? Switching to GEICO – 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance:...
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How CS:GO's Dirtiest Cheater Inspired the Game's Most Ridiculous Meme
Esports is a truly global phenomenon — but that doesn’t mean that every region is on equal footing. But among the regions that are expected to soak up all the silverware, are those that...
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The Clone That's Trying to Kill CS:GO: The Story of Valorant
For nearly two decades Counter-Strike has been the uncontested king of tactical first person shooters. But the glorious empire that Valve has built is far from perfect. And from the...
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How a Mysterious Liquid Turned xQc into Twitch's Unlikeliest Role Model
It requires a special kind of motivation to be a streamer. To wake up every day ready to bare all for Twitch’s biggest trolls. It’s a day-in-and-day-out marathon — to go from just a...
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Elders with AWPs: How a Group of Bloodthirsty Seniors Became CS:GO World Champions
How often have you heard the phrase “age is just a number”? In esports, it sometimes refers to some wily whipper-snapper who appears to be skilled beyond their years.But in CS:GO, there’s...
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Did He Cheat? The Unsolvable Mystery of CS:GO's Most Suspicious Player
Robin “flusha” Ronnquist, a three-time Major winner who, in addition to having one of the biggest brains in CS:GO, is one of the game’s most controversial figures. Not because of anything...
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How a One-Sided Rivalry Became League's Greatest Revenge Story
Competition is built on rivalry. And some of esports' greatest stories are about two great players vying for glory, constantly outdoing one another in pursuit of victory.But "xPeke" vs....
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The Brutal Legacy of Esports' Most Disrespectful Beatdown
Carl "Perfect Legend" White spent years building a respectable reputation as one of the best Mortal Kombat players. But this long-time fighting game player isn't celebrated for being a...
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The Wonderchild Who Became CS:GO’s Most Bullied A**hole
It’s no secret that, in any game, people love to watch winners lose. It doesn’t matter if it’s Faker, Fabian, the entirety of Astralis, or the awe-inspiring underdog OG. Dominance...
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The Rise and Fall of League's Most Self-Destructive Superstar
Being known for something in the game you play can be a badge of honour. But depending on what that trademark is, it can also very easily become a blight on an otherwise promising...