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Do you remember? — the 21st night of September?
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Funny Moments & Fails From the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019
The Berlin Major gave us its fair share of incredible moments. Astralis made the three-peat happen, and from Avangar to Renegades we saw some incredible upsets. And we have a whole video...
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WATCH: Miracle- forgets he's Miracle- for a second, then turns back for a kill
Did you ever go to the kitchen, then completely forget why you're there? Well the same thing happened to OG's 9k ace. Only instead of a kitchen, it was a chase. A chase by 3 Na`Vi players...
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theScore esports' Top 20 Players at TI6
On Friday, we had our Dota team rank the top teams at The International 2016. Now, with 90 of Dota's most talented players set to play in Seattle this week, we asked our experts to put...
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WATCH: s1mple with the clutch to end the half
Despite a very close series, Team Liquid managed to dominate Na`Vi on many argue to be a fair map for both teams. After two crazy games, it was a salt in the Na`Vi's wounds as the NA...
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WATCH: karrigan plays whack-a-mole with an AWP, hits every shot
Team Dignitas was leading 5-0 on Cache as Astralis struggles to close out rounds. Or they were, until this mad round featuring a smoke party.Team Dignitas attempted to rush the A site...
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WATCH: GeT_RiGhT guesses right through the smoke
It was tied. Navi rushed. Get right stopped them with a shotgun. That's pretty much how it went. The game was tied up at 11, with Na`Vi trailing before halftime but managing to regain the...
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SEA’s Hope: Fnatic rides a hot streak into ESL One Manila
For a long time, SEA has been the darkest of the dark horses, never quite favored to win a tournament, but constantly bringing surprises and upsets to some of the biggest stages. Ever...
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ESL One Manila Staff Picks
South East Asia's first premier Dota 2 tournament is set to take place from April 22-24 in Manila, Philippines. Alongside a $250,000 prize pool, ESL One Manila will be the last chance for...
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That Special Hero: How pocket picks win Majors
Player mechanics, team synergy, strategy, in-game mechanics and a lot of other factors get credit for winning a premier tournament. But one ingredient is often overlooked by critics: hero...