Best of the Old Guys Kicking Ass in CS:GO

by Colin McNeil, Dennis Gonzales Mar 29 2019

In CS:GO, more than any other esport, age is just a number.

They say with age comes wisdom and what’s old is gold, but not Gold Nova, far from it. So we’re going to show that CS:GO’s old heads can still kick some ass.

But what counts as “old” in CS:GO? For our purposes, it’s about 26 and older, and we’ll only be looking at highlights from the last few years, NOT when these players were in their prime.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, at that age you’re still a few decades away from a midlife crisis. But when you’re on the server with kids like ZyWoo and ropz, they’ll make you feel old as f***.

Now get your walker, put your dentures in and have a glass of Metamucil nearby, cause this is the best of old guys kicking ass in CS:GO.

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