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Pokimane and Fitz are in a Fake Minecraft Relationship
Everybody knows Romeo and Juliet. That classic Shakespeare play we were all forced to read in middle school. What if we told you there was a modern retelling of the story happening right...
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The Hard Luck Story Behind 100 Thieves’ CS:GO Team
When you're a kid you’re told to follow your dreams, that if you work hard enough, you'll succeed. And, look, that’s not always how it goes. But sometimes you witness something that feels...
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Doinb is Breaking the Rules on His Quest for Glory
He’s been named MVP multiple times. He can make just about every champion a mid laner. And after four years of grinding, he finally has an LPL championship under his belt. Doinb is one of...
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Jankos is the First Blood King Rewriting History
He’s the First Blood King. His skills have won the respect of junglers everywhere. He’s won back-to-back LEC titles, and MSI. If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about Jankos....
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Faker and kkOma Have Split... Now What?
No one has dominated League of Legends more completely than Faker and kkOma. The two built a dynasty together, creating an unmatched legacy that spans the better part of a decade. But...
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Benched, Screwed Over, and Alone: Aleksib's Quest for Redemption
He’s one of CS:GO’s hottest up-and-coming in-game leaders. He led an unlikely group of Finns to the grand final of a Major, beating some of the world’s greatest teams along the way.Five...
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The Top 10 Sneakiest Plays in Esports
When it comes to esports, everybody wants to be an action hero. Everybody wants to get that map-winning ace clutch, everyone wants to dive that tower and secure the kill for their team....