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Dimitri Pascaluta
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Content Creator. PhD Student in English at UofT. Spams Earth Spirit, Hibana and Moira.
Games: Dota 2
Twitter: @DPascaluta
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How a One-Sided Rivalry Became League's Greatest Revenge Story
Competition is built on rivalry. And some of esports' greatest stories are about two great players vying for glory, constantly outdoing one another in pursuit of victory.But "xPeke" vs....
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The Brutal Legacy of Esports' Most Disrespectful Beatdown
Carl "Perfect Legend" White spent years building a respectable reputation as one of the best Mortal Kombat players. But this long-time fighting game player isn't celebrated for being a...
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The Wonderchild Who Became CS:GO’s Most Bullied A**hole
It’s no secret that, in any game, people love to watch winners lose. It doesn’t matter if it’s Faker, Fabian, the entirety of Astralis, or the awe-inspiring underdog OG. Dominance...
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The Rise and Fall of League's Most Self-Destructive Superstar
Being known for something in the game you play can be a badge of honour. But depending on what that trademark is, it can also very easily become a blight on an otherwise promising...
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The Lovable Bully Who Became the Undisputed King of CS:GO’s Deadliest Alleyway
In esports, as in life, rulers are destined to rise and fall. Sometimes, a crown naturally finds its way onto the brow of an up-and-comer, heralding a new era of royalty. Other times,...
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How Esports' Greatest Rap God Emerged From Its Most Agonizing Game
Every hero has a storyline that defines them. Sometimes it’s a fateful event that turns an ordinary person into a legend, or maybe it’s through their determination to overcome...
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How Bad Luck and a Big Ego Ruined the Career of League’s Most Promising Superstar
Every once in a while we see the rise of a true superstar. A world-class, one-in-a-million competitor who, quite simply, has it all. These individuals have the plays, they have the...
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How Faker’s Greatest Play Turned One Man into the Face of Esports Failure
No one likes to be on the receiving end of someone else's highlight. But typically, most top tier competitors are able to shrug-off these humiliating instances and move on with their...
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F@*K Retirement: How CS:GO’s Oldest Aim God Keeps Turning Back the Clock
In esports, there is no such thing as being too young to compete. But on the other end of the spectrum, a player’s shelf life is usually not a long one, at a certain point, players become...
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How a Diss Track Led to Esports' Most Humiliating Beatdown
Esports is no stranger to cringe. From terrible handshakes, to weird entrances to god awful trash talk, we’ve seen, and gritted our teeth through it all. But there is one moment, one...
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The Controversial Loudmouth Who Became CS:GO's Most Iconic Rager
Mohamad "m0E" Assad is loud, animated and hilarious. Not only has the former pro CS player created some of the funniest and most recognizable soundbites in Counter-Strike history, but...
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Esports’ Worst Dream Team: The Hilarious Disaster That Was Delta Fox
What can you expect when you create a roster stacked with superstars? Occasionally, you get to see a real synergy of talent and flashes of greatness. Now and then, you see dominant...
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The Fighting Game God Cursed to Suck Until September
Some of esports’ most legendary and adored players have earned almost mythical titles. And in most cases, these monikers are worn like badges of honor, commemorating the unparalleled...
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The Cocky Underdog Who Tried to Monetize Dick Pics at a CS:GO Major
Every accomplished professional can think back on that one moment where they were able to look around, smile, and say with absolute certainty, I’ve made it.And in CS:GO one of those...
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The Ingenious Dumbass Who Can't Stop Throwing
Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao is one of the coin-flippiest competitive gamers alive and he’s developed a reputation for doing things that are so transparently absurd that it genuinely isn’t...
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The Rise and Fall of CS:GO's Unkickable Bad Boy
Lincoln “fnx” Lau is a problem. The two-time CS:GO Major winning, tatted-up Brazilian bad boy might be incredibly talented, but off the server he's known for being problem-causing...
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The Polite Killer Who Became the Clutch King of Counter-Strike
Whenever anyone talks about great teams in esports, they usually just want to talk about the superstars. But as often as these gods might bask in the warmth of the spotlight, sometimes...
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The Major-Winning Matchfixer Who Dodged a Lifetime Ban
There comes a time in every player’s career when they have to put it all on the line for a chance to win big. A moment where they throw caution to the wind and simply hope for the best....
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The Drunken Master Who Became Smash’s Shameless God
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